<![CDATA[The Jack Wade Show - Wade's Words]]>Thu, 11 Feb 2016 17:09:20 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[An Open Letter To Bernie Sanders: It's time to take the gloves off!]]>Sat, 14 Nov 2015 15:52:54 GMThttp://www.jackwadeshow.com/wades-words/an-open-letter-to-bernie-sanders-its-time-to-take-the-gloves-offDear Bernie,
I have been following your career for years and came to the realization that your ideas and ideals closely match my own ideals and ideas.  You always seem to be there fighting the good fight for the little guy or gal.  You are a man of complete integrity and a refreshing change from most of the other folks who occupy various offices in Washington.  As such, it is in my self-interest to do everything that I can to see to it that you win the Democratic primaries, become the Democratic Party's standard-bearer and win the 2016 Presidential elections.

As such, please let me offer you a word of advice – Go on the attack during the second debate tonight! American voters have thick skulls and misinterpreted your being a gentleman by not attacking Hillary during the first debate as passivity and weakness.  Hillary Clinton did not take the high road during the first debate when she attacked you on the gun control issue.  I'm sure that Hillary's handlers watched your early rallies and town halls and latched onto the gun control issue as your Achilles's heel when they saw those protesters.  As a matter of fact, I wonder if a few of those protesters weren't Hillary or Hillary supporter plants?

Since she latched onto the gun control issue, one issue that she distorted, magnified and used over and over again, and tried to play the “I am woman” card, Hillary now falls into the category of people in glass houses so feel free to use some of the following suggestions.

Here are a few of Hillary Clinton's vulnerabilities:

Bill Clinton's horrible record of deregulation that, to name a few:
  • Gave us the repeal of Glass-Steagall a post-depression law, designed to prevent another depression by separating commercial banks from investment banks.  Can you say “too big to fail”?
  • Created a deregulatory atmosphere in mortgage lending that ultimately led to the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis.
  • Supplanted the “Communications Act Of 1934” with the “Telecommunications Act of 1996” which among other horrible things, allowed a handful of mega-corporations to own most of the radio and TV stations in our country.  Is it any wonder that newscasts reflect a distorted self-serving corporate point of view?  Keep in mind that voters base their decisions on the information that the media provides so that kind of deregulation was an attack on democracy itself!
Make no mistake about it, even if Hillary disavows Bill's record in the White House, he will always be there to advise her if she gets elected so those are valid issues.  If you want to attack her on her own record, there are plenty of changed positions, inconsistencies and campaign contribution issues that you can use.

The point of all this is that thanks to a corporate owned mainstream media, who wants to portray you as a weak non-candidate and a Hillary campaign machine that is fully prepared to play gutterball and latch onto anything they could to distract from the fact that Hillary is nothing more than an old-fashioned corporate backed machine politician, you have a real fight on your hands.  I know that you want to take the high road, but at this stage, you can't because Clinton's people will see to it that voters mistake your kindness for your weakness! Now get out there tonight and fight because America's future depends on you!

Jack Wade
<![CDATA[Joe McCarthy Redux: The Benghazi Hearings]]>Fri, 23 Oct 2015 19:42:38 GMThttp://www.jackwadeshow.com/wades-words/joe-mccarthy-redux-the-benghazi-hearingsPicture
Yesterday, the Congressional Republicans of the Benghazi committee conducted what could only be described as a witch hunt that was so specious and partisan that it would even have made Sen. Joe McCarthy blush.  For eleven solid hours, Hillary Clinton was subjected to what could only be described as a police interrogation by a crew of GOP thugs.  All that was missing was the darkened room and a bright light shining in her face.  Needless to say, if their goal was to discredit Hillary to lower her numbers in the polls, they were wasting their time, taxpayers' money and America's collective patience. 

​Yesterday, Hillary Clinton wasn't discredited by the GOP, she was politically martyred by Republican slimeballs!  As everyone knows, martyrs usually become heroes.  Hillary stoically withstood their onslaught and looked positively heroic.  Could it be that the political party that hired a consultant to concoct the deceptive phrase “job creator” as a description for corporations and billionaires has an underlying strategy behind the Benghazi hearings?  Could it be that they secretly wanted to lionize Hillary by putting her through the hearing?  Why??

My theory is that Bernie Sanders is the true nightmare of the corporations and billionaires that finance GOP campaigns.  If the hearings actually help Hillary win the primaries, corporations and billionaires can breathe easy, they've gotten Bernie out of their hair.  At that point, they have a win/win situation on their hands.  If Hillary Clinton wins the general elections, they win, if a Republican wins, they win more!  

If I were Bernie Sanders, I would make a masterful move that would be the equivalent of his breakout “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails” shout to Hillary, which made him look like he was classy enough to fight the GOP in her defense.  I would collar the Committee chairman Trey Gowdy and his GOP pals from my Senatorial bully pulpit and ask the same question that Joseph N. Welch asked Sen. Joe McCarthy during the Army-McCarthy hearings: “ Have you no sense of decency, sir?  At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”  That would definitely put Bernie on the Presidential path!

<![CDATA[Let's Make Capitalism A Dirty Word!]]>Sun, 18 Oct 2015 14:07:39 GMThttp://www.jackwadeshow.com/wades-words/lets-make-capitalism-a-dirty-wordHere's a great idea to start our day.  Since for years, the GOP has made equating socialism with now nonexistent Soviet communism and turned what is only an economic system into a dirty word, let's do the same thing for capitalism.  Let's equate capitalism with corruption.  When you think about it, that isn't too big of a stretch, is it?  Think about the mortgage meltdown.  Think about corporate owned electeds.  Think about all of those things and comment to this post.

​ Let's hear what you have to say!  Your comments could help erase a distortion of the facts that the mainstream media has been using to marginalize Bernie Sanders.
<![CDATA[Hillary Clinton: Bypassing Voters, Circumventing Democracy!]]>Wed, 02 Sep 2015 01:07:20 GMThttp://www.jackwadeshow.com/wades-words/hillary-clinton-bypassing-voters-circumventing-democracyPicture
What would you say if I told you that your political party has an army of demons who are prepared to cast votes at their convention that could counteract your primary vote?  What would you say if I told you that Hillary Clinton is fervently trying to harness the power of those demons to cast votes for her in the Democratic Convention?  Now before you accuse me of going bonkers, let me tell you that the demons that I am referring to are actually super delegates to the Democratic convention.  These loose cannons known as super delegates should not be confused with pledged delegates who are essentially pledged to vote in accordance with the primary results.  Super delegates can vote however the heck they want, regardless of your primary vote.

Hillary Clinton's aides are now in the process of pressuring super delegates into pledging that they will vote for Her at the nominating convention.  So into the voting booth you go, John and Jane Q. and you cast your vote for Bernie Sanders.  The pledged delegates who represent you at the convention dutifully cast their votes for Bernie, only to be met by a flood of pre-cast Hillary votes from the super delegates that she now controls.  That's as if Hillary went into the voting booth with you, tore up your vote for Bernie and cast one for herself.  Ah yes, democracy in action!

At this point, you might ask how do we over come this obstacle and get Bernie elected?  The answer is for now, with a massive number of votes for Bernie Sanders that overpowers any rigging of an already corrupt system!  Since too many professional politicians in the Democratic party benefit from the super delegate system which is an affront to democracy, don't expect it to change soon.  The only work around is to start a new party that doesn't have super delegates and truly reflects our votes.  Hey, why not call it The Really democratic Party?

<![CDATA[The First GOP Debate Clarifies Their Hillary Game Plan]]>Sun, 09 Aug 2015 05:14:35 GMThttp://www.jackwadeshow.com/wades-words/the-first-gop-debate-clarifies-their-hillary-game-planPicture
For some time now, I have been saying that I feel that the GOP has had their 2016 Presidential campaign strategy in place for years based on Hillary Clinton being the Democratic Party's chosen candidate.  After watching the first GOP debate a couple of nights ago, it became apparent that my prediction was right on target.  FOX News selected the top ten candidates based on national polls and put them in the 9 PM prime time debate slot.  They invited the remainder of the GOP hopefuls to participate in a 5 PM debate. 

Both debates sounded like the usual GOP circus with its requisite idiotic red meat talking points being said.  Except for two notable participants, Donald Trump in the 9 PM debate session and Carly Fiorina in the 5 PM not ready for prime time session, they were quite uneventful.  Donald Trump was the political version of a shock jock, raising eyebrows with his remarks in and out of the debate.  Carly Fiorina, despite her toxic agenda, came off as being the only adult in either of the two debates.  I predict that she will wind up being the GOP's standard bearer in the 2016 Presidential election.

Should Carly Fiorina become the GOP's hope for winning the Presidential campaign and should Hillary win the Democratic Presidential primary, I feel that we would have the precise scenario that the GOP has planned for all along, a woman vs. woman election.  Voters who have wanted to elect a woman President for years, but are too red state to even think of voting for Hillary could elect someone that they consider to be a safe choice conservative woman and pat themselves on the back for voting in the first woman president.  

If that scenario frightens you, consider the following alternate scenario.  

Upsetting both party hacks and Hillary loyalists, Bernie Sanders does surprisingly well and wins the Democratic primaries.  Expecting a Hillary win and it being too late to change their strategy, the Bernie win catches the GOP off-guard  as Carly Fiorina wins the Republican primaries.  After the conventions, Carly Fiorina attempts to remind voters that she would be the first woman president but that isn't enough to overcome Bernie Sanders' populist appeal.  Bernie Sanders wins by a landslide!

Anyway folks, that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

<![CDATA[28 Foxes Guarding The Henhouse!]]>Sat, 20 Jun 2015 14:57:07 GMThttp://www.jackwadeshow.com/wades-words/28-foxes-guarding-the-henhouseOn Thursday June 18, 2015, twenty eight corporate "Democrats" in Congress voted with their Republican chums to help pass fast tracking for the TPP and other future "free" trade agreements.  This disaster for American workers and their families will go to the Senate for a vote.  Call or write your Senators and let them know that voting for TPP fast track guarantees that you won't be voting for them when they are up for reelection and will be actively seeking to primary them.

Speaking of primarying, here's a list of the corporate Democrats who voted with the Republicans in Congress to pass TPP fast track. 

Brad Ashford, NE-02
Ami Bera, CA-07
Don Beyer, VA-08
Earl Blumenauer, OR-03
Suzanne Bonamici, OR-01
Gerry Connolly, VA-11
Jim Cooper, TN 05
Jim Costa, CA-16
Henry Cuellar, TX-28
Susan Davis, CA-53
John Delaney, MD-06
Suzan DelBene, WA-01
Sam Farr, CA-20
Jim Himes, CT-04
Ruben Hinojosa, TX-15
Eddie Johnson, TX-20
Derek Kilmer, WA-06
Ron Kind, WI-03
Rick Larsen, WA-02
Gregory Meeks, NY-05
Beto O'Rourke, TX-16
Scott Peters, CA-52
Jared Polis, CO-02
Mike Quigley, IL-05
Kathleen Rice, NY-04
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, FL-23
Kurt Schrader, OR-05
Terri Sewell, AL-07

Note that one of them, Debbie Wasserman Schultz just happens to be the chair of the Democratic Party.  That should speak volumes about our "two" party system and why we need to elect candidates like Bernie Sanders.
<![CDATA[Friday's TPP Vote: We're Not Out Of The Woods Yet!]]>Sun, 14 Jun 2015 20:17:37 GMThttp://www.jackwadeshow.com/wades-words/fridays-tpp-vote-were-not-out-of-the-woods-yetOn Friday June 12, 2015, our elected representatives in Congress heard our voices and voted to defeat Trade Adjustment Assistance, a component of the TPP sellout of American workers that gives it the veneer of compensating workers for jobs that the TPP helps corporations ship overseas.  That defeat threw a temporary monkey wrench into the plans of the GOP and Obama to get TPP fast track passed quickly.  Rest assured that both Obama and the GOP will be back in action this week to lobby Congress and attempt to get TPP fast track passed so that their corporate backers are well served.

I want you to keep those cards, letters and phone calls coming in to Congress to let your representatives know that your vote counts for more that  corporate money.

<![CDATA[Fast Track: Speak Now Or Forever Hold....]]>Fri, 12 Jun 2015 01:39:20 GMThttp://www.jackwadeshow.com/wades-words/fast-track-speak-now-or-forever-holdFriday, June 12, 2015 is the day that Congress will vote on Fast Track/TPA.  A yes vote opens a Pandora's box that will get all manner of "free" trade agreements enacted now and in the future.  I have spoken out against "free" trade agreements for years, now it's your turn.  Here is a link to the Congressional website, use it to contact your representative in Congress and express your displeasure with the TPP and the idea of fast tracking it without public scrutiny.  

Tell your elected representatives that they can no longer count on your vote or support if they vote for fast track.
<![CDATA[The TPP Mentality: Giving Away Many Of Our Jobs, Begging For A Few Back!]]>Thu, 21 May 2015 18:20:00 GMThttp://www.jackwadeshow.com/wades-words/the-tpp-mentality-giving-away-many-of-our-jobs-begging-for-a-few-backPicture
Let's face it folks, begging for a job isn't and shouldn't be part of the collective psyche of American workers!  Sadly, that's what proponents of the TPP would effectively have our workers do.  Nothing illustrates this more than President Obama's visit to the corporate headquarters of Nike Shoes, a business that has according some reports, a million or so contract workers overseas manufacturing its products compared to 26,000 U.S. workers in supporting roles.  They made an offer to add a whopping 10,000 U.S. workers over the next 10 Yrs. if the TPP is signed.  With their corporate HQ as a backdrop, Obama exhorted Democrats is Congress and the Senate to give him fast track authority to proceed with forcing yet another “free” trade agreement on American workers.  

Obama keeps citing the exporting opportunities that the TPP could help bring about.  He keeps misleading us into thinking that exporting is the only path to future prosperity.  If the truth be known, the real export that “free” trade agreements enable is our jobs!  The TPP adds a new dimension to the exporting concept by also exporting our right to self govern by setting up an international corporate kangaroo court  to second guess any U.S. regulation that interferes with a foreign corp. doing business here. 

Our nation has had the formula for middle class prosperity for years and that is to build it here and buy it here.  You make that happen by instituting and or increasing  trade tariffs back up to pre-Reagan era levels (gasp from conservatives) and tearing up many existing “free” trade agreements. Corporate owned propagandists call trade tariffs “protectionist” and in one sense, they are right, trade tariffs protect our jobs, our manufacturing infrastructure and our standard of living. 

The free traitors who stand to profit from the job offshoring that the TPP would inevitably bring want you to think that exporting is the only path to jobs and prosperity.  The truth is that if protected, we have more than enough self-generated supply and demand economic activity to insure a prosperous nation for many years to come without begging third world nations to buy small quantities of our products.  It worked for our parents and grandparents, it can and will work for us.  Remember, our jobs are ours to keep if we just hold onto them, without begging any foreign nation to buy our stuff.

<![CDATA[Obama And The TPP: Hope And Change For Corporations!]]>Sun, 10 May 2015 15:35:45 GMThttp://www.jackwadeshow.com/wades-words/obama-and-the-tpp-hope-and-change-for-corporationsPictureTPP Can O' Worms
Yesterday, much to my disgust, I read a couple of news stories about Barack Obama (a.k.a. President Hope And Change) using a visit to the corporate headquarters of Nike Shoes as a photo opportunity/press conference to hawk the Trans Pacific Partnership and slam Elizabeth Warren (an elected who truly represents “hope and change”) for opposing fast tracking the TPP.  During the speech, Obama used Nike's advertising slogan in reference to the TPP to tell Democratic electeds who oppose TPP fast track to “just do (approve) it.”  Nike promised Obama that it would add 10,000 new jobs in the USA over the next ten years if the TPP was approved.  Hmm, 10,000 U.S. jobs added to an existing 26,000 U.S. jobs seems paltry when compared to the one million contract workers overseas that the article stated Nike uses to make its products.  Some quid pro quo huh?

In my humble opinion, the bottom line is that Nike wants a reduction in import tariffs on its shoes via the TPP.  You see, like I've said all along, the TPP is a grab bag of goodies for lots of corporations, in exchange for a can of worms for our nation and we, the people.  Call your electeds and tell them to oppose the TPP!